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3rd Cyprus International Film FestivalOctober 20-25, 2008Golden Aphrodite - Competition  Cyprus International Film Festival has a Competition section. “Golden Aphrodite” is the award’s name which will be given to the film distinguished by the International Jury. The award is actually a reward for the directors’ efforts, as well as their support through the supply of all the necessary equipment for the fulfillment of their next film. Six films by upcoming directors are going to be screened in order to win the ‘Golden Aphrodite’. A small presentation follows:  Where Souls Go (2007) Director: Rainer Sarnet Writer: Aidi Vallik Cast: Ragne Veensalu, Lenna Kuurmaa, Andres LõoDirector of Cinematography: Maet Maekivi Original Music: Janek Murd Film Editing: Herald Aue Production: Anneli Ahven, Alexander Wieser Production Country: Esthonia Runtime: 87’ Where Souls Go is a drama about becoming independent and exploring complexity of love by two teenage girls. Ann, an only child in the family up to the point, will suddenly have to accept the fact that she will have a younger brother and is not anymore the one and only who needs care and tenderness. Loneliness overwhelms her and in a gush of anger, she prays to Satan for her little brother’s demise. Soon, a controversial classmate Maya appears into her life. In spite of their very different natures, the main characters find that understanding is a possible, although bumpy road. The families of both girls are also playing an important part. The film presents us the rough way for two young girls to adulthood through their family problems and turns of fate.   
 All right Sucker / Koroido En Taxei (2007) Director: Yiannis Paraskevopoulos Writer: Yiannis ParaskevopoulosCast: Maria Tsarouha, Renos Haralabides, Vassilis Koukouras,Vicky Koulianou Director of Cinematography: Olympia Mytilineou Original Music: Giorgos Gikodimas Film Editing: Yannis Paraskevopoulos Production: Pinelopi Anastasiadou, Yiannis Paraskevopoulos Production Country: Greece Runtime: 85’   The film is a black comedy revolving around the way films are produced and shot in Greece. Emilios Roukounas is a failed director who persuades his family to sell the hairdresser’s he inherited from his father in order to shoot his new movie, which he strongly believes is going to be a hit. The leading roles belong to the youngest son of the family, Tassos, who was recently discharged from a rehabilitation center, and his lover, Aglaia, who is as rich as she is untalented. The shooting begins, the money will be spent really fast, the family will reach its limits and the shooting will never finish. All of the above makes up the story of the movie that the director is trying to shoot, facing the difficulties of not being able to finish due to financial problems 
  Scam / Gafla (2006) Director: Sameer HanchateWriter: Sameer HanchateCast : Vinod Sharawat , Shruti Ulfat, Purva Parag  Director of Cinematography: Anshul Chobey Original Music: Kartik Shah Film Editing: Manan Sagar Production: Saamer Hanchate, Laxmi Singth Production Country: India Runtime: 127’  An adventure that starts with simple intentions…and gets caught up in a crime-web. In the ‘liberalized’ world, a common man is encouraged to take up the free road to success where risks are as great as the achievements. Welcome to the world of restless struggle, risky ventures and tantalizing success. ‘Gafla’ is inspired by the much publicized ‘Scams’ in the Indian stock markets and financial markets, which have come to be the el dorado of middle class. Though there is much hue & cry about every scam, they remain a mystery.  Subodh wants to make money, to be successful and enters the stock market. His brilliance makes him successful, but he is at the mercy of big players. Faced with a choice of either following a secondary career, dominated by big players or becoming a big player himself, he opts for the latter. But, as an outsider, he shouldn’t have become the biggest player of all. He didn’t know where to stop. He didn’t pause to strengthen the base of political and institutional support before rising further.  
 Sappho (2008) Director: Robert Crombie Writer: Robert CrombieCast: Avalon Barrie, Todd Soley and Lyudmila ShiryaevaDirector of Cinematography: Bagir Rafiyef Original Music: Maro Theodorakis Film Editing: Igor Litoninsky Production: Artur Novikov Production Country: Ukraine Runtime: 92’ “Sappho” trebled the all-time cinema box-office record for a locally-produced movie in Ukraine in March 2008, despite a 20,000 name national petition from radical religious groups calling for the movie to be banned, and branding its boy-girl-girl love story as "the worst expression of Western freedom. The film "Sappho" is a provocative, passionate and enthralling love story, set on a Greek island of Lesbos in the 1920’s.The movie is centered on a modern love triangle between a newly-wed American couple, Sappho and Phil, and the daughter of a Russian émigré archaeologist, Helene. This love triangle repeats the central situation of the ancient Greek poetess Sappho's most famous lyric of sexual desire. As our three lovers live out a complex and scandalous ménage a trios, the present and the past seem to merge together, leading our modern Sappho to an act which repeats the passionate death of the ancient poetess.  
The Crossroad (2006) Director: Alexandra Thompson Writer: Alexandra ThompsonCast: Garen BoyajianProduction: Alexandra ThompsonProduction Country:  Canada Runtime: 48’  Salam Ahmed and his parents are newly arrived in the U.S. from their native Syria, but in the aftermath of September 11th, life is not easy for them. Salam meets Bridget Monroe at school and an attraction develops between them.  Their relationship is threatened by Bridget’s father, Walker, who distrusts foreigners, especially Arabs.  Walker has a way of making sure that events turn out the way he wants them to. He recruits and ignites a fatherless teen next door to help him drive “those people” out of his town and out of his way but in doing so he jeopardizes Salam’s life and his daughter’s happiness. “We are always at a crossroad where we can choose to keep acting out of fear or we can choose to love. The fear is destroying us but it’s love that will save us” says Alexandra Thompson.
The Heaven / Cennet (2008) Director: Biray Dalkiran Writer: Burak Sesli Cast: Egin Altan Duzyatan, Fahriye Evcen, Tulay BekretDirector of Cinematography: Askin SakirogluOriginal Music: Taner SarfFilm Editing: Huseyin Bice Production: D.F.G.S.Production Country: Turkey Runtime: 96’  “There was happiness at his heaven until the others come”. A is 29 years old. He has got hallucinations although his mental deficiency. His mother died when he was 7, after that traumatic event he started living with his mother’s ilusion. He had a lonely childhood so he created his own fantastic heaven. His father worries about him. But he hides a big secret from his son. One day A, meets a beautiful girl. She is also ill like him. H isn’t alone anymore. While they live in their amusing heaven a doctor appears. Her expert is mental deficiency and she has been studying on miraculous medicine for the last 6 years and A is a good subject for her essay. The story is a fantastic, funny and emotional drama.
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